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Palladino Martial Arts specializes in introducing the martial arts to those who have little or no experience in the martial arts or in combat sports. We use a very hands-on approach to our instruction. Ours is a very safe, encouraging atmosphere. We value the fact that we are the wise old men of this industry, and it shows in how we treat our students. We’re analytical and patient. We don’t criticize for the sake of criticism or to make ourselves look like those in authority. The growth and safety of our students—physically, mentally, emotionally—is always top priority.

Many of our students aren’t looking to become pro or even amateur “fighters”. Quite a few of them are just working professionals, some are a bit older, that are getting involved in the martial arts for the very first time. They are looking for an endeavor to help improve the quality of their lives. This type of training provides self-confidence, physical fitness, camaraderie, and a means to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Training in the martial arts is also a great way to develop important goal building and problem solving skills that help us in our everyday lives. Working at mastering something like this makes most everything else in our lives a bit easier by comparison.

Safe, Friendly Classes

Classes are structured to help prevent injury, and students are brought along at their own pace. Gradually both the body and the mind are able to achieve more and more, and before long students are accomplishing things that they didn’t realize they were capable of. The martial arts have the potential to do for you as they have done for so many others—change your life. This change could be in either very small or in very profound ways.

Palladino Martial Arts serves as an outstanding entry point into martial arts for those who were always interested but tentative about giving it a try. The martial arts are for self-defense, for sport, and for personal fitness…and we offer it in a safe, friendly, personalized environment.

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